Virtual Escape Rooms

Entangled is proud to present virtual escape rooms.

Experience our immersive escape rooms from the comfort of your own home. Solve your favorite mysteries right from your couch, whether it’s with family in one room or connecting with friends through zoom. Stay connect through these hard times and immerse yourself in the world of Entangled.

What to expect

When we set out to make virtual versions of our rooms, it was important to us that the games still felt like the real experience. We have actors to help guide your experience, a custom digital dashboard, 360 degree scans of each room, and other fun surprises. You can even play with family and friends across the globe!

The rooms

Framed for Murder

Virtual Escape Framed for Murder

You have been framed for murder! As innocent bystanders, you were the last to see your CEO alive. The police now see you as a prime suspect and all the evidence seems to be stacked against you. You hire a Private Investigator to hopefully help you to discover the true killer and prove your innocence before the police find you and bring you in.

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The Manor

Virtual Escape The Manor

A secret is being kept within Bishop Manor. 4 people have gone missing around the town, their last known location was the Bishop Manor. Your presence has been requested by the chief of police. We need detectives to infiltrate the manor and obtain evidence that will help to convict Lady Marie Bishop of her crimes, and put her away for good.

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The Cursed

Virtual Escape The Cursed

There is a legend about a cemetery deep in the marsh that possesses artifacts & riches beyond comprehension. Those that seek it out are never heard from again. Do you have what it takes to solve what is lurking within The Cursed.

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The Cell

Virtual Escape The Cell

You are investigating a string of disappearances in the area but are captured. You awaken to a monitor with an image of someone who is presumably your captor. He tells you that you must play his game to earn your freedom before time runs out.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

$30 per person (we charge per participant, not connection) with a minimum of 4 people to book. All games are private and you will not be joined by any others than who is in your group. We also run promotions on our Facebook and Instagram page so make sure to follow us there!

What will I need To prepare?

We recommend using a laptop or computer for each player participating. You will also need access to the internet and Zoom.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit but the game is more enjoyable for children 8+

What is a virtual escape room?

Similar to in-person escape rooms, you and your team will have a fixed amount of time to solve riddles and complete puzzles to reach a goal. For the majority of our virtual rooms we utilize actor led experiences, and through the use of character and story, will help give you the clues to escape. You will be able to direct the character via zoom all from the comfort of your own home.

How long is it?

You will have 60-70 minutes per experience.

Can we play from separate locations?

Yes, you can play from anywhere in the world. If you are playing from one location but all on separate devices, it is recommended that all but one of the zoom callers is on mute to prevent feedback with microphones. We have had people hook up a computer to a TV with an HDMI cord for a larger view and more people in the same room to play if in the same household.

How will I login to the game?

You will receive an email with a zoom link, meeting ID, and password. Please join the call 15 minutes before your appointment to get started on time and ensure everyone is able to access the links needed to play the game. All participants must be on time to join the experience.

Is there anything else that will help prepare me?

Yes, in the email you receive there will be attached videos giving you a closer look into what to expect from your experience as well as videos on how to split your screens. The links to splitting your screen are also available here:


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What people are saying

Awesome! Just as much fun as being in the actual room but I got to play in my pajamas. And the actor guiding us through the room was a great bonus.

12/2020 Brad S.

It was fun and exciting! Loved the teamwork part of it.

12/2020 Erika G.