Entangled Presents The Cursed


There is a legend about a cemetery deep in the marsh that possesses artifacts and riches beyond comprehension. Those that seek it out are never heard from again. Some believe that the gods of old have cursed this Black Willow Cemetery until balance can be restored to the underworld. The Bishops, caretakers of the cemetery, have been there for over eight generations, forever cursed to remain on the grounds for eternity.

As thrill seekers and treasure hunters, you’ve called up your friend Harold to look into visiting the cursed Black Willow Cemetery. As he gives you more information on the location, you become increasingly aware that this may be the last time anyone sees you alive. Do you have what it takes to restore balance to the underworld before it’s too late?



Theme: Eerie / Mysterious

Type: Hands On (Predominantly interactive/symbolic/linked puzzles with some thought driven aspects)

Location Orange


  • Mon 11:00AM – 10:00PM
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