Come experience our third location of the Entangled franchise at our sunny Southern California location! We offer four rooms, each with an intricate storyline, various clues and puzzles that are full of twists and turns. We aim to give you an experience like no other and leave your group talking for days! We are a short 10-minute drive from Disneyland and The Garden Walk.

Located at 1095 N Main St. Orange, CA 92867 Suite B. Entrance is on the corner of Main and W Struck Ave, facing Struck Ave. Parking is in the rear of the building.

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The rooms

Framed for Murder

Entangled Presents Framed for Murder

You have been framed for murder! As innocent bystanders, you were the last to see your CEO alive. The police now see you as a prime suspect and all the evidence seems to be stacked against you. You hire a Private Investigator to hopefully help you to discover the true killer and prove your innocence before the police find you and bring you in.

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Entangled Presents Senseless

You are part of an experiment, in an effort to help an alien race which is unknown to our planet. Their planet is under attack, and they have been tasked with finding help by any means necessary. If they are unsuccessful in their testing, Earth will be targeted next. Prove you are the chosen ones.

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The Cursed

Entangled Presents The Cursed

There is a legend about a cemetery deep in the marsh that possesses artifacts & riches beyond comprehension. Those that seek it out are never heard from again. Do you have what it takes to solve what is lurking within The Cursed.

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The Manor

Entangled Presents The Manor

A secret is being kept within Bishop Manor. 4 people have gone missing around the town, their last known location was the Bishop Manor. Your presence has been requested by the chief of police. We need detectives to infiltrate the manor and obtain evidence that will help to convict Lady Marie Bishop of her crimes, and put her away for good.

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Location Orange


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  • Sat 11:00AM – 12:30AM
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