Escape Marie’s Children


An elite underground agency known as the Dark Division was recently hired by the Illuminati to find a cursed medallion. As one of the top teams among the agency, you were chosen to participate. The Dark Division’s reputation is one that is known among the most elite. You and your team have been paid a hefty sum in advance and are given the following details:

The medallion is thought to be cursed with an immortality of sorts. After spending the last several years tracking down the medallion we believe we have found its last known location. Marysville Washington. Its current owner is thought to be Marie Bishop, a famous doll maker born in the early 1800s. She had been holding onto a precious artifact known as the bloodstone until a group of detectives discovered she was using the stone to harvest souls and keep herself young. 

Now with the medallion being her only hope for immortality, the Illuminati has enlisted your team to investigate the now doll maker’s location. You will have one hour to retrieve the medallion, solve the mystery of Marie Bishop and find out why the Illuminati has hired you for this mission. Remember, as a part of the Dark Division – failure is NOT an option. Good luck.



Theme: Treasure Hunter

Type: Hands On (Predominantly interactive/symbolic/linked puzzles with some thought driven aspects)

Location Marysville


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