EscapeEarth War


There have been reports of an ‘Unidentified Object’ entering the atmosphere in Marysville, WA. The Dark Division has been called to investigate. The Chaos Response Unit, CRU, has been dispatched to explore the remains. As an elite member of CRU it is your job to carry out this mission. Your superior, Commander Broils, has advised you to proceed with extreme caution. No one is certain of what you may encounter out there. You receive a file with the following information:

The following mission is to gather intel on anything and everything you find at this location. If you happen to come across any signs of alien life forms, you are to retrieve a sample for further analysis. The Pentagon has expressed their interest in any Unknown Specimens. You are being commissioned to
And Retrieve.

Your team arrives on-site. It appears that some type of ship has crash-landed. As you begin to go through the wreckage, you take note of some strange artifacts, symbols and what appear to be creature tracks. You continue your investigation through the rubble, but as time goes on, you begin to feel like you are the ones being watched. Once you complete the initial scan of the area, you spot a dark object out of the corner of your eye. Unable to determine what you see, you quickly snap a photo while your heart begins to race and everything goes black.

You eventually gain consciousness, still not recognizing what has happened. You start to get your bearings and a sinking feeling sets in as you realize you don’t know where you are. The last thing you remember is taking a photo of the strange shadow. You hope that the photo was uploaded to headquarters. Your only job now is to retrieve any data you can and get it back home before your time runs out.



Theme: Sci-Fi (Actor in room during game)

Type: Hands On (Predominantly interactive/symbolic/linked puzzles with some thought driven aspects)

Location Marysville


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