Entangled is Marysville’s first-ever escape room! We knew that things to do on the north end were sparse and creating a new form of entertainment was exactly what the community needed. We are proud to be locally owned and provide everyone with a top-notch experience that will fully immerse you into a story like no other.
We are located at 1263 State Ave, Marysville Washington 98207. You can find us next to the O’Reilly and across the street from the Safeway plaza.

Located at 1263 State Ave, Marysville Washington 98270. We are next to O’Reilly and across the street from the Safeway plaza.

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The rooms

The Chronicles of Weyland

Escape The Chronicles of Weyland

You are a group of scientific interns hired to help Dr. Eugene Weyland finalize some research and experimental theories he has been working on. Dr. Weyland is out of the office when you arrive. Still, he has the utmost trust in your skills and scientific knowledge to go ahead and get started. As soon as you come to the manor, you have an eerie feeling that something is wrong. After receiving an emergency message from Dr. Weyland’s extraordinary host, you soon realize that not only is your time limited – but your life as well.

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Marie’s Children

Escape Marie’s Children

An elite agency known as the Dark Division was recently hired by the Illuminati to find a cursed medallion. Being a top team among the agency, you were chosen to participate. The Dark Division is one that is known among the most elite. The medallion is Marie Bishop’s only hope for immortality. You will have one hour to retrieve the medallion and solve the mystery of Marie Bishop. Remember, as a part of the Dark Division – failure is NOT an option. Good luck.

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Earth War

Escape Earth War

You are among the elite members of the CRU and Dark Division investigative units. You have been dispatched to explore the remains of something that entered the atmosphere in Marysville, WA. Your superior, Commander Broils, has advised you to use extreme caution, as he is not sure what you may encounter.

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Escape Annihilation

You have been tasked with finding 3 vital DNA strands scattered across time. These strands once combined will create a defensive virus. Your superiors are not sure exactly how to find these samples, and you will need to utilize your superior intellect across space and time to track down the samples required.

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Location Marysville


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