Courage is in the beholder of the mic

Located at 3101 Oakes Ave, in Everett WA

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Welcome to a karaoke experience unlike any other – because every room tells a story, and every song becomes a journey. Step into our world of themed private karaoke rooms, because each space is crafted to take you away on an adventure of sound and style. Take a trip back in time to the glamorous era of prohibition and embark on a journey with our Speak Easy room. This is where secret melodies echo through the air and ignite the rhythm. Want to venture into the cosmos and lose yourself among the stars? Our Space Lounge room, where futuristic beats collide with the cosmos and rhythms of the night. Seeking a tranquil escape? Want to just get away? Because you can find your sanctuary in our Harmony Hideout room, where harmonies blend seamlessly and with serenity of sound.

Feeling funky and free? Groove to the beats in our Disco Fever room, where pink is passion and power. Let the pulse of the city guide your performance because getting lost in our City Lights room, releases your inner soul. Where the energy of urban life fuels each and every note. And for those craving a taste of excitement, our Viva Las Vegas room beckons with its neon-lit extravagance and high-rolling vibes.

No matter which room you choose, prepare for a karaoke experience like no other. With themed décor, immersive ambiance, and top-of-the-line sound systems, so you can lose track of time. And every moment spent in our private karaoke rooms is an unforgettable celebration. Book your room now and let the magic of karaoke transport you to new heights of entertainment!