About Entangled


Escape Rooms are a newer form of entertainment. Combining all the amazing elements of puzzles, clues, interactive theater and good old mystery, escape rooms have quickly become a go to for fun nights out, team-building events and even birthday parties! At Entangled, you will have sixty minutes to have the experience of a lifetime and finish your mission. Will you find your escape or get lost in the world of Entangled all together?


If you’ve previously been to an escape room, you already know the rush of adrenaline you get the moment that door closes behind you and your clock starts. Rushing to finish all the puzzles as the time ticks away from you, but not before you find the last piece and make that final escape! Here at Entangled, you will enter into a new reality of fully immersed rooms. They come alive with props and technology that will make you feel like you are the main character in a movie – and the ending is up to you. Communicate with your team as you find clues, solve puzzles and finish your story before the time runs out. You will have sixty minutes to complete your task. Only teamwork will help you make it out. Do you have what it takes to escape?


You may be asking yourself what makes Entangled stand out from its competitors. We offer a unique experience that is different from others. We take customer service seriously and will always provide you with a one of a kind experience that will leave you wanting more. We accommodate for all occasions! Birthday parties, company events, prom dates and even engagements. Our top priority is YOU and we want to see you enjoy yourself every time you come back. Having participated in many escape rooms ourselves, we have a good grasp of what works well and what doesn’t. At Entangled, we are setting the bar for what you should expect out of an escape room – creating a memory for you and your team, leaving you excited and ready to plan your next escape adventure here! Entangled will give you an unforgettable experience, that is our promise to you.


We LOVE Entangled escape rooms!! Every room we have tried has been a blast. The puzzles are great and challenging. The voice actors are hilarious and I have met both the owners and they rock. I cannot wait for the new Clue theme room to be open!

Jess Sanchez on Google

My team did all the games here, and we had a blast in each game. We all have done 50-200 games, and all the games have some solid great puzzles. Highly recommended.

Nicole W. on Yelp!