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Prepare to enter an immersive experience

Our rooms are each uniquely designed with their own story and objective for your group. Working together is the key to success in this one of a kind experience. Our escape rooms are sixty minutes long and include multiple rooms, special effects, props, and characters who live within your story. Gather your friends, family, kids, special someone, co-workers, and work as a team to enjoy a brand new form of entertainment and experience the world of Entangled.

Our escape rooms are perfect for:

Small or Large groups

Groups of any size can enjoy our escape rooms!

Team Building

Great for building relationships and improving communication within a workgroup.

Special Events

Are you planning an upcoming celebration? We are here to help make sure any special occasion leaves you and your group fully immersed in both the experience and the party. Our experiences can accommodate any occasion, including; engagement, anniversaries and even gender reveals! Have something you’d like to hide in the room, like a card, gift or even a military mom or dad wanting to surprise their family? We can hide whatever it is for that special person!



We never pair you up with strangers. Once you book, that time is for you and the people you invited. No matter the size of your group, we’ll accommodate to make sure everyone has a good time.


Didn’t finish the room on your first attempt but are dying to see the victory ending? You’re in luck; we offer REDO nights every Wednesday-Friday at $15 per person. You’ll only have 30 min to complete the room, but don’t worry, every REDO wins! This allows you to complete the game and finish the story utilizing the parts you already know. To book your REDO, give us a call with the best time frame that works for you.

Why do an escape room?

Full value entertainment like you’ve never experienced before! You will leave feeling accomplished even if you don’t finish. Come and try out a fun and thrilling new experience here at Entangled.

What are our guests saying?

A fantastic first escape room experience! The challenge was enough to keep us going without getting frustrated and stuck. Definitely recommend this to anyone interested in a very unique and intense experience. Will definitely be going back and bringing more family and friends along. – Ryan S

Do you have what it takes to escape?

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