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Unknown 2: The Chronicles of Weyland

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Prepare to enter an immersive experience

At Entangled, we uniquely design our rooms with their own stories and objectives. While a lot of key points go into a successful escape experience, working together is the key. We offer you and your group a 60 minute experience while offering a variety of rooms to choose from. Each room includes special effects, props and even some characters who will help guide your story. Bring your friends, family, special someone or co-workers and work as a team to enjoy the immersive experience of Entangled!


Whether your group is small or large Entangled is here for your enjoyment! Our rooms are built to give you and your group a challenging and interactive experience. That’s what makes us a fantastic host for Team Building! We have had the honor of hosting many corporate and sports team bonding events with the goal that your group works together and has the best time doing so. Just like our corporate bonding, Entangled is the place to be for all those Special Events in your life! It can be a birthday party or a family reunion – with a little twist. You and your party will enjoy an hour of fun in one of the many escape rooms that we offer. Want to make these moments extra special? All of our Entangled Game Masters are happy to hide presents or cards in your experience for that special someone to find! We will even accommodate parts of our room to include engagements, anniversaries or any special day that you desire. Send an email to for any inquiries.



You will NEVER be paired with strangers! The time you book for is for you and the people you invite. No matter the size of your group, we’ll accommodate you to ensure everyone has a good time.


Don’t worry if you didn’t quite escape from your experience on your first attempt. We know you’re dying to see that victory ending and you’re in luck! Entangled offers REDO NIGHTS every Monday-Friday for half off every player who has already played. You’ll get your full 60 minutes to complete the room too! To book a Redo Night, give us a call!


Every time I go, it’s an immersive type of game room. It feels like you enter a different setting completely. Things don’t look out of place and the puzzles are very fun to solve. Almost everything is part of the puzzle. I have gone twice and still get surprised by how well it is made. I can’t wait to complete the rest! – Chris C. on Yelp!